Green Lane Ecology Coastal Photo Ecological Consultancy  



All work is carried out to a professional standard adhering to professional guidelines.

River photoHabitat & Vegetation survey

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
  • Phase 1 Habitat Survey
  • National Vegetation Community(NVC) survey
  • Hedgerow Survey
  • River Habitat Survey
  • River Corridor Survey
  • Aquatic Macrophyte Survey
  • Rapid Condition Assessment
  • EcoHome Assessment
  • Farm Environmental Plan

LizardProtected Fauna surveys

  • Bat
  • Great Crested Newt
  • Badger
  • Dormouse
  • Otter
  • Water vole
  • Reptiles

Mitigation & Enhancement

Professional advice can be given to reduce the impact of a development on wildlife and protect natural habitats, coupled with advice on how to improve a development’s wildlife potential.

Design and construction of new bat roosts and improvement of existing roosts.

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

EcIA chapters can be produced for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as part of the planning process for new development.

Management Plans & Monitoring

Management plans can be drawn up for nature reserves and land within new development to optimise wildlife potential. In addition to this, monitoring schemes can be set up to record the effects of management so that positive and negative results of management can be identified and changed accordingly.

Habitat Creation

Professional advice can be given on the creation of new habitat, ie creation of wild flower meadows (plant species, grazing, mowing), pond creation (shape, size, plants) and management.